Social Media Content Idea For Schools

Here is an example idea to encourage commenting and interaction on your social media channels. This particular post is from Harvard University.

The Harvard University Facebook page does have over 4.2 million likes so they are naturally going to be popular, but this particular piece of content has a little more engagement than others on their page.

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Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting – “Your Competition Doesn’t Know About This Yet”

As our digital world gets more complex, the ability to precisely target our desired audience is becoming more and more critical.

We already have some great targeting options available with digital advertising, but wouldn’t it be great to say to Facebook…

“Can you just work out which types of people are more likely to enrol their children at our school, and only show our ads to them instead of the other three million people.”

Well, now that is possible…

As you know, Facebook knows everything about you, and everyone else. From the types of movies we like, to where we like to eat out, to which style of clothes we like, to how many children we have etc.

What is now possible when it comes to online advertising, is to give Facebook a list of people that have enroled or shown interest in enroling, and get back a much bigger list of people with similar interests, and matching demographic information.

What’s even better, is that you don’t have to troll through your school admin system and dig out names and emails. You can simply place a small bit of code on your website, and Facebook will work out the rest without breaching anyone’s privacy or personal information.

Can you see the potential in this?

Super Targeting.

This is where we are headed. Online advertising will be all about placing “pixels” soon.

Now, there is a right and wrong way to do this. Hint** Start by placing a pixel on your Fees page instead of your home page.

You can easily blow your ad budget if you do this wrong.

To learn more about how to effectively advertise online, take a look at our training for the “Enrolment Booster Execution Plan”.

Talk soon,
Mike Leembruggen

Four Facebook Marketing Tips That You Can Use To Attract More Students to Your School

The current trend for most Australian schools is to embrace social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. This is because through social media, there is direct communication and connection to both parents and students. Research shows that over 45% of internet users go to Facebook daily. The same research also shows that the daily average time that is spent by these users on Facebook is 23 minutes. Given these impressive stats, you can exploit the powerful nature of this social media tool to attract more students to your school.

Through Facebook, schools can effectively market the curriculum they offer both to the students and to their parents. Another good thing with constantly being plugged on social media is that it keeps you in the know. You are aware of what activities the scholastic competition is involved in. Having the right information is important in staying ahead of the competition.

4 Tips to Create an Effective Facebook Page


There is nothing more important in your school’s Facebook page than the content. Take note of the fact that potential students do have varied concerns and interest, which means that the content you provide on the site has to be varied, as well as relevant, to meet the different interests.

• Consider including video and photo content for the simple fact that images are more effective than text.
• The school also needs to have a frequently updated blog. Make sure that you share the blog posts on your Facebook page.


Your Facebook page should give visitors a sense of what your school is like. This is achieved by effectively sharing the school’s history. Make your page a learning portal that is unique, a place where future students will be able to learn more about the academic courses that your school offers, extracurricular activities, athletic programs and other important things your school offers.


Ask your fans to “like” your page. The more “likes” you have, the better. The following are the categories of people you should target:

• Successful alumni
• Potential applicants
• Influential individuals in the Australian education system
• Media contacts, current students and parents

Facebook has a tool, called the Facebook friend finder, which you can use to search for friends.

Promotion and enlargement

Merely creating a Facebook page should not be your only goal. On your school’s website, you can include a Facebook button, after which you are supposed to request visitors to your website to ‘like’ the Facebook page of your school. Join relevant groups and participate in their discussions. You can seek assistance from inbound marketing agencies to help you gain more from your web presence.


A school’s website is very important because it acts as the public face of the learning institution. Not only does your web presence need to be visually appealing, but more importantly, it needs to offer useful information to students and parents. In case you are looking for new ways of increasing enrolment, social media marketing is what you need. It is a very influential and powerful way of reaching out to alumni, existing students, their parents, and future applicants.