Marketing A School Event Using Social Media

In this episode I give my top 10 tips on how to market a school event using social networking sites. In truth, just like any tool or software, each new social networking site should be used to ultimately drive visitors back to your internal funnel. My approach to social media is to use it as a tool to meet people where they are at. If you want to catch fish, you go to the sea right? That’s where the fish hangout, so that’s where you need to go. Just like you will find a lot of your target audience hanging out on Facebook, or perhaps LinkedIn ,or Twitter. The list is only going to get bigger as the year passes but if you have your core funnel setup and converting well on your own website, then each new upcoming social web 2.0 site simply presents an opportunity rather than a daunting challenge.

There of course are circumstances where you might want to setup a more prominent presence on social media sites, like setting up your own school “page” on Facebook or alumni page where you post regular content. For things like enrolments or events where you want to track conversions, and gather reliable statistics, then the strategy I outline in this video is something that is working quite well for the schools I am working with right now.

Here’s my top 10 tips for marketing a school event using social media:

  1. You don’t necessarily need an account on all the different social networks
  2. Use social networking sites to bring people back to your funnel
  3. Have a whole page on your website dedicated to the event
  4. Have multiple sharing options
  5. Encourage feedback, questions, and comments
  6. Make the post personalised
  7. Provide an option to RSVP
  8. Start by emailing your list
  9. Use online advertising channels through social networks
  10. Leverage facebook events for social proof

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Mike Leembruggen

CEO at ImagePro Studios
Mike Leembruggen specialised in digital marketing and software development. Currently working with a number of schools and universities. If you are interested in working with Mike then please email [email protected]

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4 replies
  1. Ron Woolley says:

    Nice work Michael – and nice shirt!
    I thought the video was really good – although as a general rule I like them to be shorter – 5 mins – and would prefer to watch two shorter ones than one longer one.
    I must admit, I need to learn more about social media….

  2. Mike Leembruggen says:

    Hey Ron, Thanks for the feedback, and I’m glad you like the shirt!

    I did cover quite a bit in this video which made it a little longer than others. It’s just so jam packed with great content!


  3. David Williams says:

    Well done Mike. Very informative and helpful video – keep them coming! As I mentioned the other day, it would be good to hear your thoughts on ways of dealing with negative posts on the school’s facebook page.


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