The Marketing Landscape Has Changed. How Important Is It For You To Embrace The Latest Changes in Digital Technology And Online Marketing?

“Important Enough Not To Ignore” – Ron Woolley, Citipointe Christian College

According to new research from Stanford…

“The Internet has created a profound shift in customer behavior that is making traditional marketing techniques such as branding and advertising increasingly less effective”

– Itamar Simonson & Emanuel Rosen, Stanford Graduate School of Business 


“More decisions today are impacted by what we call O sources of information — “Other” information sources, such as user reviews, friend and expert opinions, price comparison tools, and emerging technologies…” 


Discover How You Can Stay Relevant in Today’s World
Through This Informative and Eye Opening Workshop

What Can I Tell You?

  • How technology is changing the way schools communicate with parents
  • How your website could be improved to increase enrolment applications
  • How cloud technology will impact schools in the future
  • How digital technology can enhance your marketing message
  • How you can best utilise social networking sites in your schools marketing strategy
  • How fundraising methods are changing and adapting with technology
  • How digital tools can be used to enhance school culture and improve stakeholder relations

What Does It Cost?

  • This is a half day workshop, held at your school location, and costs $660 inc. GST (excluding travel costs).

Who Should Attend?

  • Principal
  • Marketing Director
  • Business Manager
  • Relevant Executive Board Members

While a School Principal’s job description hasn’t changed in a long time, the tools to effectively fulfil the job requirements are changing more and more everyday. My aim is to give you and your team the key information you need to know, so you can remain relevant and aware of the current and future changes in technology.

Technology is not only effecting the external marketing of schools. It is also changing the internal teaching methods in classrooms. With the advent of cloud technology there are so many new services and possibilities for schools. As a principal, if you can help drive adoption of new technology and online marketing strategies, your school is going to stay ahead of the curve and in touch with today’s brave new world of enhanced learning and communication methods.

“Leadership is no different today than it was years ago. The only difference is that style and focus need to change with the times if we are to accomplish the lofty task of preparing students for a dynamic world that is more social and connected as a result of technology. Leading in a way that supports the status quo, standardization, outdated practices, and misconceptions related to technology, not only does a disservice to our students, but also renders our schools and profession as irrelevant.”

– Eric Sheninger, Principal of New Milford High School and Author of the highly acclaimed book – Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

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