How To Get Better Response From Your Advertising

One thing I notice a lot of schools doing in their flyers, billboard ads, and promotional campaigns is emphasising the motto, features, or tagline of the school. While this is somewhat effective, a better way to engage your audience and get a greater response is to talk about the prospect you are targeting, rather than the school.

People in general are focused first and foremost on themselves. It’s just human nature. With most forms of advertising you have a small window of opportunity to grab someone’s attention. The greatest use of that window is to directly target their emotional triggers.

All you are looking to do with advertising is show people statements or keywords they already internally believe. When they see those keywords, they will be intrigued and you have them hooked.

Think about that next time you are putting together an advertisement or marketing campaign and measure the results against your previous campaigns. I think you will be quite shocked at the increase in results.

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Mike Leembruggen

Why Would A School Bother Fundraising?

A little controversial… I agree. In this podcast episode I ask the question “Why would a school bother fundraising?”.

I could have asked this question privately to a number of people but I thought why not post this in the public domain to spark some interesting conversation and feedback.

Last week, I attended an ADAPE event where Dr Alan Kerbey from Monkton Combe School, Bath, UK talked about how he has successfully raised millions of dollars for a number of projects at the school. A very interesting presentation and well spoken by Dr Kerbey.

The general consensus from the schools that attended indicated that it had previously been difficult to raise even 500k through annual giving campaigns. This made we wonder why a school would bother spending time and effort fundraising when their annual net income is between 10 to 30 million. There’s obviously something I’m missing so in this podcast episode I invite you to add your opinion and feedback on this topic.

Why would a school bother fundraising?


The 3 Keys To An Effective Marketing Campaign

In this episode I cover the 3 things that will deliver greater results and conversions on your next marketing campaign. If you can combine these elements, you will have much more impact and response from your target market.

  1. Labels
  2. Events
  3. Funnels

I have talked about Funnels and Events in previous podcasts but in this episode I delve deeper into the importance and use of Labels for Branding and Viral exposure.

Enjoy ;-)

Interview With Glenda From Citipointe Christian College

Glenda Fitz-Payne joins me in this episode to talk about the implementations we have made to Citipointe’s school website and the results that have come from it.

The 2 implementations we have made so far includes optimising the enrolments process and capturing lead data in a more effective and inviting way, and setting up a separate events website to enhance the school’s community involvement and provide a leveraged tool to integrate social media sharing options and integration.

Enjoy ;-)



Using Personality In Your Marketing

Using personality in your marketing will have a dramatic effect on how many conversions  your website receives.

Most school websites lack personality and come across as very institutional. It’s the way things have always been done but it doesn’t do much to connect and engage with the website viewer.

In this video I talk about what I’m currently doing to enhance the websites of the various schools I’m working with by putting faces to names, and names to positions. Specifically for the enrolment process. This is a crucial part of every schools marketing efforts. The better a job you can do to get enrolment enquiries, expressions of interest, and paid applications, the better chance a school has of growing.

Search Engine Optimisation For Schools

In this podcast episode, I look at search engine optimisation for schools and some of the results that I have achieved for other schools in the past few months.

SEO is something that schools tend to lack in, which is understandable as it is quite a technical subject and there are not many professionals out there who fully understand how to correctly optimise a website for better rankings in the search engines.

Let me give you a brief overview of SEO (search engine optimisation) and show you how I was able to take a school website from a position of #194 to the first page of google search results for a popular keyword phrase.

In this episode I cover:

  1. On Page Optimisation
  2. Off Page Optimisation
  3. Google Adwords combined strategy
  4. Rankings Achieved
  5. Results Gained

If you are interested in taking advantage of this strategy and working with me please email me at mikeleembruggen @ or fill in the contact form on this website.

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How To Leverage A Blog and Social Media for More Website Traffic

Rob asked the question on one of my previous videos about “how to frame a blog post and submit to social media websites”. This is a great question and something I have been encouraging a lot of schools to do.

There are multiple benefits to maintaining a school blog and the way that I set these up for schools means it becomes a highly engaging platform for parents, and prospects of the school to get involved. There is no set format or requirements for what content a blog should have. It’s simply a technical term which commonly represents a website that is updated frequently.

Here are some of the points I cover in this video:

  1. What content you should include in your blog posts
  2. Have a “call to action” in every post
  3. Use social networking sites to draw people back to your website funnel
  4. Advanced – Leverage “Social Media Backlinking” to enhance your sites search engine position

I hope you enjoy this podcast, and please leave me your questions and comments below about this video?

Talk soon,
Mike Leembruggen

How To Deal With Negative Comments On Facebook

Welcome to episode 3 in this podcast series. In today’s video I look at a pressing concern a lot of school executives and headmasters have when looking at setting up a school presence on social media sites, facebook in particular.

“What if someone says something bad about the school?”

Here’s my tips for how to deal with this:

  1. If it’s on your school “page”… you can moderate comments quite easily
  2. Better to establish the first school page that have others take it from you
  3. Deal with negative comments quickly and reinforce the positives
  4. Get your strong supporters behind you to turn the thread vibe around
  5. Think about what people might do if you don’t give them an opportunity to express their concern
  6. The social wave is coming. Better to be leading the field than trying to play catchup later on



Marketing A School Event Using Social Media

In this episode I give my top 10 tips on how to market a school event using social networking sites. In truth, just like any tool or software, each new social networking site should be used to ultimately drive visitors back to your internal funnel. My approach to social media is to use it as a tool to meet people where they are at. If you want to catch fish, you go to the sea right? That’s where the fish hangout, so that’s where you need to go. Just like you will find a lot of your target audience hanging out on Facebook, or perhaps LinkedIn ,or Twitter. The list is only going to get bigger as the year passes but if you have your core funnel setup and converting well on your own website, then each new upcoming social web 2.0 site simply presents an opportunity rather than a daunting challenge.

There of course are circumstances where you might want to setup a more prominent presence on social media sites, like setting up your own school “page” on Facebook or alumni page where you post regular content. For things like enrolments or events where you want to track conversions, and gather reliable statistics, then the strategy I outline in this video is something that is working quite well for the schools I am working with right now.

Here’s my top 10 tips for marketing a school event using social media:

  1. You don’t necessarily need an account on all the different social networks
  2. Use social networking sites to bring people back to your funnel
  3. Have a whole page on your website dedicated to the event
  4. Have multiple sharing options
  5. Encourage feedback, questions, and comments
  6. Make the post personalised
  7. Provide an option to RSVP
  8. Start by emailing your list
  9. Use online advertising channels through social networks
  10. Leverage facebook events for social proof

Thanks for reading this post, and watching this podcast episode…

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5 Tips For Schools Marketing Online

Welcome to the first episode in my new podcast series titled “Online Marketing For Schools”. In this video I give you my top 5 tips on what you should be thinking about when it comes to your online marketing campaign and your school website.

  1. Purpose:
    1. Think about what action you want visitors to take when they land on your school website. This could be primarily to enrol their students or at least input their name and email address so you have an opportunity to connect with them in the future.
  2. Target Audience:
    1. Who are you targeting? Identify the different audiences that your website will attract or serve. This could be parents looking for a school for their children,  current students, alumni, and parents of the current students to name a few. 
  3. Channels/Funnels:
    1. Plan out a specific action step for each target audience. What do you want them to do when they reach your home page? Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for and also reach an end goal you have designed for them. This could involve a number of different pages they click through or something as simple as clicking a button to RSVP for an upcoming event.
  4. Engagement:
    1. Do you know how long visitors stay on your pages? Is your content engaging enough for them to read through the whole page or click through all your action steps. Social media is also a hot point when it comes to engaging your audiences because it is so effective. A lot of schools are finally jumping on this bandwagon and seeing excellent results.
  5. Tracking:
    1. To improve upon anything you must track current results right? Try Google Analytics if you are not using it already. It’s free and gives you a nice graphical view of how many visitors are coming to your website, which pages they are viewing, and we can also setup advanced funnel tracking to improve conversions and identify weak spots in your action sequences.

Thanks for checking out this website and video series. My aim for this podcast series is to give you great information and be able to connect with you on a regular basis through online video.

I have lots of techniques and strategies I can share with you. Please leave me your feedback below, and your questions or suggestions on what you would like me to talk about in future episodes?

Talk soon,

Mike Leembruggen