Google Hangout with Eric Sheninger

Here is the replay video of our Google Hangout event: Social Media for Principals.

In this Google Hangout I interview Eric on all the latest things he has been doing on social media and how that has changed not only his life and professional career, but those around him.

Eric gives some great insights into why Principals may be holding back and what they can do to overcome that fear of technology or social media. Overall I think it is wonderful to have people like Eric blazing ahead in this digital world and making a difference in his community and online network. He is a great example to follow for school Principals.


Don’t Make This Mistake When Setting Up Your Google Account

Here’s a quick tip for you when setting up your Google accounts. If you don’t set up your accounts this way, it could cause you headaches down the track.

Google have quite a number of products available and with the purchase of Youtube you may already have an account that will need to be merged into one central account before you sign up to their new products such as Google+.

Before you create a new Google+ account, check out your current Google Places listing. You will want to upgrade that account to what they call “Google+ Local” instead of creating a brand new Google+ profile.

Their options are a little strange at the moment, while they are rolling out new features and madly trying to integrate existing services under one umbrella. There is an option in Google+ that seems more relevant for schools but if you don’t want to manage two different Google+ profiles you are better off going with the local business listing you already have and upgrading that to Google+ Local.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Interview with David Dobbie from Coomera Anglican College

david-dobbie This week I interviewed David Dobbie who is the Business Manager at Coomera Anglican College. He’s doing a great job managing their online marketing and social media strategy with a small number of staff.

Here’s some of the things we discussed:

  • 00:44 – Changing to a CMS based website platform
  • 01:15 – Touch screen friendly design
  • 02:03 – Consistent design from website to mobile app
  • 02:25 – Uptake of the mobile app by parents
  • 02:45 – New method for school news delivery
  • 03:42 – Communication methods with parents
  • 05:05 – Using social widgets on your news page
  • 06:00 – Parents reactions to new technology
  • 06:38 – Facebook strategy
  • 07:40 – Types of content and engagement
  • 09:30 – Promoting events on social media
  • 10:35 – Using Twitter
  • 12:00 – How Youtube is integrated
  • 13:14 – Which staff are involved
  • 14:58 – Challenges faced with digital marketing
  • 15:42 – Principals involvement
  • 16:40 – Rewarding aspects of digital marketing

Interview with Nicole de Vries from Brisbane Boys College

Nicole de Vries

Nicole de Vries from Brisbane Boys College

Here is my audio interview with Nicole de Vries from Brisbane Boys College. She does fantastic work there at the school and was kind enough to chat with me about the various systems they are using and how they have integrated social media into their marketing strategy.

Here are a few points from the call:

  • 01:05 – Specifically targeting “Prospectives” on our website
  • 01:30 – Facebook page details
  • 01:46 – Which social networks we use
  • 02:02 – Using Vimeo for online video broadcasting
  • 04:39 – Which social network gives us the best results
  • 06:02 – Using personalities within the school for publishing
  • 06:30 – Advertising methods
  • 07:01 – Our team and how we work together
  • 08:05 – Linking social platforms with out website
  • 08:40 – What gives us the most engagement with our community
  • 10:13 – Challenges we face with technology and social media
  • 11:36 – Apps and mobile targeting
  • 13:05 – Enrolments and Admissions process on the website
  • 14:45 – The step by step process for online enrolments
  • 15:20 – Online payment processing

3320% ROI on school marketing campaign

Here’s the breakdown of a successful online marketing campaign that boosted enrolment applications and had a great return on investment for the school. In this video, I walk you through the numbers and how the campaign worked.

recently I sent out an email about this case study and received quite a lot of interest so I decided to make a quick video going over the campaign and it’s various components.

If you are interested in running a campaign like this for your school, then check out the Platinum Package For Schools


Fundraising For Schools With Max Hutton

Max Hutton – Brisbane Grammar School

This week I spoke with Max Hutton from Brisbane Grammar school all about Fundraising. Max is quite well known for his expertise in Fundraising and Alumni relations. On this call we discuss everything from which demographic gives the most donations to effective strategies for engaging Alumni and raising over $165,000 from one campaign.

Here’s a few quick points on key areas in the call:

  • 00:40 – Staff structure at Brisbane Grammar School
  • 2:25 – Recent results from a call campaign
  • 4:00 – Which demographic gives the most donations
  • 6:05 – Identifying major donors
  • 7:22 – What works when asking for donations
  • 8:55 – Corporate sponsorship
  • 10:20 – Comparison of donations from Parents and Alumni
  • 13:16 – Costs analysis for physical mail campaigns
  • 15:09 – Social media involvement
  • 16:17 – Communication mediums and frequency of sending
  • 18:00 – Systems for storing and retrieving data
  • 19:20 – Programs for gathering donations
  • 20:55 – Best methods and practices
  • 23:00 – Capital campaign results
  • 24:04 – Comparing donations from Australian’s vs Overseas
  • 28:18 – Long Term gains

Interviews With School Marketing Executives About Social Media

In this episode I have done something a little different to having myself in front of the camera. I have contacted a number of schools and asked if they would share with me their insights into Facebook and Social Media in general, and what is currently working for them.

The feedback I got was fantastic and there is a tonne of great information here that other schools could very much benefit from.

I have compiled a few quick snippets of audio from my calls with Rae Byrom from Ivanhoe Grammar School, Emily Cavanough from Eltham College, and Stephen Wruck from Kings Christian College. The insights these guys shared with me was brilliant.

The full audio recordings from these calls are below. I trust you will get a lot of value from these calls and please make sure you add your comments below to thank these wonderful people for sharing their knowledge.

Emily Cavanough
Eltham College
Rae Byrom
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Stephen Wruck
Kings Christian College
[wpsharely id="121"] Interview with Rae Byrom – Ivanhoe Grammar School
Interview with Emily Cavanough – Eltham College
Interview with Stephen Wruck – King’s Christian College


Here’s a few quick touch points in the audio files that I found quite interesting:

Emily Cavanough – Eltham College

  • 00:31 – Using an effective banner on your Facebook Page
  • 2:58 – Staffing for social media updates
  • 4:25 – Setting Facebook Page Guidelines for interaction
  • 7:00 – Dealing with inappropriate content posted by students on Facebook
  • 9:21 – The Principal on Facebook and Twitter
  • 11:50 – Which content gets the most engagement
  • 13:50 – Tracking links back to the website from Facebook
  • 15:12 – Facebook Advertising
  • 18:16 – Other Social Networks and plans to tackle them

Rae Byrom – Ivanhoe Grammar School

  • 1:02 – Target demographics on Facebook
  • 1:45 – Principal’s Twitter account and how effective that is
  • 3:32 – Facebook Tabs and which ones to use
  • 4:28 – Alumni on Facebook
  • 6:40 – Student comments on Facebook and how they treat the school page
  • 8:40 – Comparing Facebook to Twitter and their effectiveness
  • 10:10 – About having a “like” button on your website
  • 13:00 – Cross promotion between Facebook and the school website
  • 16:00 – Plans for other social networks
  • 16:50 – How Youtube plays a part in the overall strategy

Stephen Wruck – Kings Christian College

  • 1:17 – Using Facebook Groups for parent communication and engagement
  • 6:14 – How a team plays a big part in uploading content
  • 7:45 – The best things about having a school APP
  • 11:30 – Posts that get the most engagement on Social Media
  • 14:28 – Using Facebook Comments on your own school website
  • 15:55 – Alumni engagement with the school Facebook page
  • 19:29 – Click tracking and how important that is
  • 22:10 – Youtube videos and how many hits videos are getting
  • 23:40 – How important is an online presence for a school? Student enrolment story
  • 25:35 – The school’s Social Media journey over time
  • 27:40 – Effective Pinterest strategy
  • 28:15 – The driving factor behind the schools success with Social Media
  • 29:45 – How to get Teachers on-board and involved
  • 32:15 – A twist on using Facebook Pages for internal use
  • 34:00 – Setting up alias staff accounts for Facebook protection
  • 36:33 – Policies for staff interaction with students on Facebook outside of school

Advanced Google Analytics For Schools

It’s important to know your metrics, I’m sure you’ll agree. In this podcast episode, I show a small snippet from a recent presentation I gave at a schools conference in Queensland.

Here I detail some of the advanced strategies we are using with Google Analytics to better track where enrolment enquiries are coming from and which links people are clicking on to navigate to that page.

Once you have a baseline, you can improve upon that baseline. Most schools are shooting in the dark as to how their website is performing and what elements users are actually engaging with.

If you would like me to setup Google Analytics for your school, please fill in your details below:



Leveraging The New Facebook Timeline Format

While the subject of “Fan Gating” is probably something you have never heard of, it’s actually something that a lot of business users on Facebook have been using for quite a while. Now with the new timeline format, “fan gating” has taken a bit of a back seat but still holds as quite an effective strategy to build your Facebook fan base and offer an incentive for users to click that “Like” button.

In this video I show you exactly what fan-gating is and how I have set this up previously for a school. I also show you how to take advantage of this strategy with the new enforced timeline pages for Facebook.

The key difference being that you now need to link directly to the application that you are using for “fan gating” instead of just your unique url. Facebook no longer offers the option to specify a custom page as the default landing page.

Facebook Marketing Basics

Facebook is usually the first port of call when setting up your social media strategy. In this video I give you some ideas on how to setup your Facebook fan page and also how to go about what is called “fan gating”.

Fan gating is a strategy where you show one image to people that haven’t yet “liked” your page, and then once they click that Like button, they see a different image. This is a great way to build up the number of people that Like your page very quickly.

If you have any questions about how to setup your Facebook page or Social Media strategy, please click the Contact button on this website.