How to Upload Photos From Dropbox To Instagram

As you may have realised… Instagram is a predominantly mobile based platform. You can only upload photos to Instagram using your mobile device. This can be a roadblock for schools or any organisation that has multiple people taking photos and managing the one Instagram account. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can utilise Dropbox to collect photos from multiple staff members, and also moderate which photos go to Instagram. The moderating aspect here is a huge advantage, especially to schools who have one or two key people who decide which content is appropriate for public distribution.

For those that don’t know, Dropbox is a file sharing cloud application that lets you easily share folders on Windows or Mac between multiple users. It syncs in the background and is an extremely useful tool.

I’m going to demo both Android and IOS platforms below. There are a few more steps on IOS but the process is relatively the same.

Step 1. Install both the Dropbox and Instagram apps on your mobile device


Step 2. Create a shared folder on Dropbox


Share this folder to everyone that will be contributing photos. You can name the folder whatever you like. I have named it “Shared Photos” for this tutorial.

Android instructions

The following steps are for Android users. Scroll down to see the steps required for iPhone users.

To upload your photos to Dropbox – Open the Dropbox app, Navigate to the desired folder, and click the “Upload here” dropdown option


Click the top right icon with the three vertical dots to see this dropdown menu.

Select “Photos or videos”


Choose the photos you would like to upload to the Dropbox folder


All contributors can follow these previous steps to upload photos for the Publications Manager to see and choose which photos should be uploaded to Instagram.

Publications Manager – Choose a photo you would like to upload to Instagram and select the “More” option


Choose the “Export” menu item


Scroll down until you see “Instagram”


Add filters etc. just like normal and upload your chosen image to the schools Instagram account


IOS Instructions

The following steps are for iPhone users.

Uploading to Dropbox – Navigate to your desired Dropbox folder to upload a photo from your mobile device. Click the “Upload” dropdown option


Select an image from one of your Albums


Publications Manager – Select an image in Dropbox to upload to Instagram and Tap on the bottom left icon


Select “Save Image” to save the Dropbox image to your internal IOS Photos


This is an extra step required for IOS users. You can’t export directly to Dropbox on iPhone.

Open the Instagram App on your mobile device and Tap on the bottom left icon to select a photo from your IOS device


Add filters etc. just like normal and upload your chosen image to the schools Instagram account


Thats it!

Now you have the power to leverage multiple users taking photos on multiple devices, and are able to moderate which photos make it to the public Instagram account. Here’s how I can see this being really effective in a practical situation. At a school event such as a sports day, open day, fete, graduation etc. you can have multiple different staff members taking photos on their own phones, saving those photos to a shared Dropbox folder, and one primary person uploading specific or appropriate photos to the school Instagram account. This gives parents a real-time update on what’s happening at the school. Of course you need to be sensitive to student privacy etc. but how much more effective is this process as compared to the traditional way of having one person run around campus with a digital camera, then having to sort through hundreds of photos, and then uploading select photos hours or days after the event?

I think the main benefit of this process is the ability to moderate which photos go public. Schools are very particular about which content goes public on their social accounts. Rather than giving out access to all staff to upload directly to Instagram, now you can give them an option to save as many photos as they like to the Dropbox folder, and have one person in charge of which photos go public.

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