What is a Social Media Buyer Persona and do I need one?

A few hundred likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and subscribers on YouTube is terrific, however it will amount to very little if you do not know how to engage and build a relationship with those people. If you really want to engage with your fans effectively you need to create Buyer Personas.

A Buyer Persona refers to a fictional character that represents the different types of buyers, followers, or audience a company has. You define a persona not only through the basic categories that have been used to define a target market, for example, geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural and product related characteristics, but you also need to go a step further and put yourself in their shoes. Identifying Buyer Personas will allow you to better connect and engage with your followers.

So how do you go about writing Buyer Personas for your school?

As a school you already have a lot of information available to you about where your parents live and what their occupation is, for example, so it is the other information that you need, like what magazines they read, what shows they watch on TV etc., to create your Buyer Personas.

How do you get this information?

The best way to get this information is to survey your parents.
Here is a 10 question survey that you can use to get the additional information you might need to write your social media Buyer Persona. This questionnaire was designed to make the most of Survey Monkey’s free survey for surveys with 10 questions or less.

  1. Do you have a mobile phone? If “Yes” what type of phone do you have? If “No” please proceed to Question 2.
  2. If you use social media, which social media sites do you use? If you do not use social media, please proceed to Question 3.
  3. What are your three favourite television programmes and what is your favourite radio station?
  4. What newspapers/magazines do you like reading?
  5. What music do you like listening to?
  6. What are your three favourite restaurants in (insert your location)?
  7. What are your three favourite hobbies?
  8. What are your three favourite holiday destinations?
  9. How do you source purchasing information and become influenced about purchasing items? (Please select multiple answers if required.)
    1. Use the internet to research products
    2. Referrals
    3. Word of mouth (friends & family)
    4. Television
    5. Radio
    6. Newspaper
    7. Catalogue
    8. Other (please specify)
  10. 10.  What is your gender?
    1. Male
    2. Female

So what does a Buyer Persona look like? Here is an example of a Buyer Persona from a school. I suggest that you create at least two different Buyer Personas – one for entry into your Junior School and one for entry into your Senior School.

lcgs-7569-profile poster 2

I cannot emphasise the importance of defining your Buyer Personas in order to reach and engage with your followers on social media. The Buyer Personas can also be extremely valuable when writing website copy.

Margo Bastow

Margo Bastow is an experienced marketer who has developed a passion for Social Media. She is a Social Media Coach, Speaker and Strategist and she has over 20 years’ experience in Marketing, predominantly in the areas of Tourism, Hospitality and Education.

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