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SEO and Online Marketing for Schools

It is without doubt that online marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) can be a daunting task with unfamiliar terms, sneaky algorithms and lots of possibilities for failure. You may be left wondering where to begin, how to reach your target customers such as parents and students or even how to get noticed among the slew of blogs, websites and social media profiles for schools. At one time or the other, even the most experienced and techno-savvy people tend to make mistakes. To be successful in online marketing, you must be aware of the basics and how to become a pro in a short time.

Influential marketing

Experts suggest that by 2016, online marketing will influence half of the money spent by retail customers. This means that one out of every 2 people will choose your school because of a website, ad or a mobile application that catches their eye. You must be in a constant search for a new way of advertising your school to the ever expanding online market.

SEO is one part of online marketing that can leave you depressed. However, it shouldn’t be as confusing as it looks. Though there is no honest way of catapulting your school’s website to the top of the search engine results, but there are various ways of increasing the chances of parents and students finding you. Choose your keywords selectively and wisely. Use a short and relevant title tag that shows potential customers and the search engine the basic interest of your website. Use URLs that are as relevant and as short as possible. Link all your social media accounts, blogs etc. to your main page to make it possible for search engine to direct readers to the right direction.

Another important ingredient for success in online business is social media. You must create and maintain social profiles for your school if you are to be successful. Statistics indicate that up to 91% of adults utilise social media while 73% of smart phone users access their social media accounts using apps at least once per day. You must know how to use social media to your advantage. Though using Twitter to market your school is an important step, avoid engaging in conversation with potential customers on the site. Instead, do it on the phone or private emails to ensure that customers’ issues remain private. Use social media to invite subscribers and users to access your school easily, see photos, amenities and events. Provide consistent updates for your customers regularly.

Engaging with potential prospects

It is essential to engage parents and students by creating an online website that can easily be navigated through smart phones. Apps make it easier for parents and students with smart phones to browse your services. You can use apps to drive traffic to you website and thus improve your bottom line. If you do not have an app, then you may be losing potential business. If your school’s website takes too long to upload, customers will simply move on.

Another key way of interacting with your readers is through blogging. But with so many blogs out there, you must look for a way to make yours stand out. When making a blog, you must limit your content. Avoid blogging for the sake of it; ensure that each post provides valuable information to your potential customers. Limit the amount of text, avoid posting too often and include videos or pictures. Look for a way of maintaining a constant relationship with your customers. Create emails that will attract the attention of your customers rather than being put in the spam folder.

When you make use of these online marketing methods, it will be easy to make your efforts a success.

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Mike Leembruggen

Mike Leembruggen specialises in digital marketing and software development. Currently working with a number of schools and universities. If you are interested in working with Mike then please email [email protected]
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