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How to Use Pinterest to Market Your School


Pinterest is now the third largest social media network after Facebook and Twitter. On top of this, 83% of its users are women and this makes it occupy a unique position among the social media networks. There are studies that suggest that mothers are the main decision makers when it comes to choosing a school for their children. This makes Pinterest an important tool for marketing schools.

Create your school’s account

To begin marketing your school on Pinterest, you will need to create a Pinterest account for your school. Choose a username, an email address and a password. You will also need to choose 10 pins that you find interesting. A “pin” is any image or video added to Pinterest. The pins will suggest people to follow. When choosing the pins, think in the best interest of the school. Select pins that will be in line with the mission of the school, such as education, children, activities and play. Pinterest will then suggest you create 5 pin boards. A board is where you organize your pins by topic. The suggested boards consist of Products I Love, Favourite Places and Spaces, My style, Books Worth Reading and For the Home. However, since these pin boards aren’t of much help to schools, you should delete them and create your own pin boards.

Personalise the account

After creating your Pinterest account, you should personalise the account. When you create your account, Pinterest automatically follows 10 people based on your pins selection. You can find other schools and people to follow using Pinterest search. When you see how other schools are using Pinterest, it will be easy to tailor your use and even find great information to pin. There are searches that you should complete and follow based on the mission and brand of the school. You will be able to see the People, Pins and Boards of your local community, other schools and a brand name for your school.


After creating and personalising your Pinterest account, it’s time to begin engaging. Try engaging using the 50/50 rule which requires that 50% of your content be related to your school whilst the other 50% should not be directly related to your school. Bear in mind that your goal is to drive web traffic to your school’s webpage where you can convert the visit into an enquiry. Therefore, the content that relate to your school should be pinned directly from your blog or website. Avoid pinning information that will take the traffic away from your website.

Ensure that you make the Pinterest account of your school a valuable place where people can visit and learn about topics related to your school such as the local area, places to visit, recommended books, etc. A great way of finding other content to share that is not related to your school is by re-pinning other pins such as great stuff for kids. Feel free to “like” or comment on other pins.

Promote your account

After you have created several boards and have between 25 and 50 pins, comments and “likes”, begin promoting your Pinterest account. Post and tweet your Pinterest account on Facebook and Twitter. Ensure that you include a link to your school’s Pinterest account in your email signature.


The use of social media for marketing is flourishing. This is evident in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Schools should tap into this to market themselves in the growing digital world. Following the above guidelines will ensure that you are able to effectively promote your school on Pinterest.

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