How To Setup Your School Instagram Account

Instagram is a great application to share and enhance photos on mobile devices. Setting up your School Instagram account will enable you to directly click, edit, share/post pictures to your School’s social networking accounts (facebook, twitter, foursquare). You can also add a link or a social button on your School’s website, blog and other pages for users to access your instagram photos.

Part A is a tutorial to setup your School Instagram account. It also includes information on how to click, edit and share pictures on collaborated social networks.

Part B is a tutorial for sharing your instagram pictures on your School’s external blog, website or page. Sharing of this kind enables viewers to access all of your instagram account pictures.

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A. Setting up your School’s Instagram account on your mobile device.


Search for the Instagram app on your mobile device.


You may set up your instagram account on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android mobile devices. First, search for the Instagram app on App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices). Then tap ‘Free’.

Note: This tutorial illustrates setup on an iOS(iPhone). The steps for other mobile devices are very similar.

Tap ‘Install’.


After the app downloads, tap ‘Open’.


Register your account with your School facebook account or School email id.


If you select ‘Email Id’, fill in your School email, and create a username and password.


Having filled all details, tap on the arrow on the top right corner of the screen.

Enter your School’s name and phone number.


Having filled all details, tap on the arrow on the top right corner of the screen.

Find facebook friends or contacts to follow their Instagram accounts.


If you don’t want to follow anyone with your School Instagram account, or want to do this later, tap ‘Skip’.

Clicking pictures.


Tap on the camera button to take pictures.


A sample picture.

Editing pictures.


There are several editing options on intsagram such as cropping, straightening, brightening, contrasting, adding a filter, etc. After editing, tap on ‘Next’.

Sharing pictures.


You may share this Instagram picture directly to your accounts on the listed social networks. You may also tag other account holders in your instagram contacts.

Follow part ‘B’ to share your instagram pictures on an external School blog/website/page.

B. Sharing your instagram pictures on an external School blog/website/page with viewers.

If you want to add a social button on your blog or external page for users to directly access all of your School photos, you have the provision to set up an account on some external websites designed specially for this purpose. You simply have to log in one of these external websites with your instagram account details. Next, you have to pin the social button or url of your account on these websites to your school blog/website/webpages. Few of the websites where you can set up this account are shown below.









So, by setting up an account on one of such websites, and then sharing the link to this account on your School blog, website or social pages, you can give viewers access to all your School instagram pictures on their computers. It’s always good to have this account url or social button linked to your School’s blog, website, and social networking accounts. With a single click, readers will be able to access all your School pictures on Instagram.

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