How to Setup Google Places for Your School

This is super important for any business let alone schools. With Google Places, you can get an instant boost in site traffic just by filling out your school location details and getting a few good reviews from your school’s parents. You’ll notice when searching Google, the top section on many search phrases is the map section with markers. This is what Google Places is all about. This is your opportunity to jump the queue and get listed in front of other schools who aren’t taking advantage of this. Google have recently introduced Google+ Local. If you would like to find out more about how to effectively utilise Google products for your school, check out the Google+ For Schools webinar on

Google Places For Schools

A. Open Google Places home page.


Links for Google Places:


B. Sign in with existing google account or sign up for a new account.


Click 1. ‘Sign-in’ or 2. ‘Get started for free’.


1. Sign in with existing google account details, or
2. Click ‘Create an account’ to setup a new google account.

If you selected to create a new account, fill in all your details on the page that opens and sign in.


After signing-in, check to agree with the ‘Term and Conditions’ and hit ‘Continue’.


C. Search your school address.


Search for your school address in Google’s database by typing it in the searchbox that appears and hit Enter on keyboard or search button on the page.

Check if your School is already listed.


If it is already listed before, select, go through it and modify that listing. If it isn’t listed, click ‘No, these are not my businesses’.

Fill in your business details.


Put up the ‘Business Name’, ‘Country’, ‘Street Address’, ‘City’, ‘State’, ‘Zip Code’, and Main Business Phone’ fields.

Choose most-appropriate category for your school.


Select the most-appropriate category by putting in closest keywords in the ‘Category’ search bar.

Submit your details.


It is recommended to keep the goods delivery and services checkbox unchecked. Checking this enables business listing to set up appropriate local delivery area radius which is inappropriate for a school. To submit details, click ‘Submit’.


Google again matches your details with existing listings. If your school isn’t up there already, select ‘No, this is not my business.’

D. Verify your listing by phone or postcard.


The quickest way to have your listing verified is through phone. Verifiation by postcard takes 1-2 weeks. If you wish to have the listing verified later, you may click ‘Continue and verify later’.

E. Personalize your listing content.


Personalize by:
1. Clicking ‘Add photo’ and uploading an appropriate school picture.
2. Adding more information by clicking ‘Edit Information’.

Editing information:


Editing contact information.


List all contact information and click ‘Save’.

Editing hours of operation:


List operating hours for your listing and click ‘Save’.

Editing description:


Type description for your listing in the text box and click ‘Save’.

F. Initialize Google+ to build your online network by clicking ‘Google+ page’


G. Review analytics data by clicking ‘Insights’.


You can track page visits and other data by clicking after verifying your listing. You can also have your school’s ‘Place page analytics’ emailed to your mail account for regularly reviewing the analytics data.

Get started now!!


For more information about Google+ and other various social networks, visit

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