How To Create Videos That Connect With Todays Audience

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Have you noticed the change in online video styles lately?

Most of the major web 2.0 sites are adopting this new style of video production which is absolutely skyrocketing engagement and conversion stats.

It’s called whiteboard animation and it’s proving to be very effective at delivering your message to today’s audience.

You have probably seen these types of videos on all Google’s latest products etc. It involves text and images hand drawn on the screen as if on a canvas.

*Note: This isn’t quite a full-on cartoon animation video. It’s a simple form of delivering your written message to your audience in a very effective and engaging way through static images and text. Keep that in mind when you are planning out your script. Don’t think of images, think of words. The images are added later to complement the message.

Here’s some examples:

This is one I used for the platinum package promotion:

Here is one Glenda Fitz-Payne from Citipointe Christian College has used for a fundraising campaign:

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