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How to create a Google+ page for your school

Here is a step by step manual to create a Google Plus page for your school.

Note* Google is making some big changes. If you currently have a “Google Places” listing (and you should), there is some very important information you need to know. Check out the Google+ For Schools Webinar to learn how this affects you and how you can better integrate Google products and services.

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A. Goto ‘www.plus.google.com’ and sign in.

If you already have a google plus account, simply sign in, else click on ‘Create an account’ to sign up.

B. Create a page

You may simply goto https://plus.google.com/pages/create to create the page. Or you may click on the ‘Home’ drop-down list and then follow the following two steps.

Click on ‘Pages’ on the drop-down list.

Click on ‘Create a Page’.

Next, select your category i.e. ‘Company, Institution or Organization’ on the window that pops up.

Select ‘Education and Schools’ from the drop-down list on the new window.

Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Put in details, check the page terms and hit ‘Continue’.

1. Put up ‘School/Page Name’.
2. Put up ‘School Website (if any).
3. Select the approproate audience for the page from the drop-down list.
4. Check the page terms.
5. Click on ‘Continue’ to save details and set up the page.

C. Personalize your page.

You may:
1. Add image to your school page by clicking ‘Add a profile picture’.
2. Add a cover image by clicking ‘Add a cover photo’.
3. Add contact information by clicking ‘Add contact information’.

4. Display your website by clicking on ‘Add your website’.
5. Put up an introducation to your page by clicking on ‘Add an introduction’.
6. Describe your page in a few words by clicking on ‘Add a tagline’.

5. Share your posts with your contacts.

Click on ‘Share’ on the top right corner to share a feed. A window opens.
1. To share text, type what you want to share in the text box and then click ‘Share’ button on this window.
2. Add images to be shared by clicking ‘Photos’, uploading the photo and then clicking ‘Share’ button on this window.
3. Add links to be shared by clicking ‘Link’, pasting/typing the url and then clicking ‘Share’ button on this window.
4. Add a video to be shared by clicking ‘Video’. You may add a video from youtube, simply paste the video url or upload the video. To post, hit the ‘Share’ button on this window.
5. Post an event by clicking ‘Event’, putting up the event details and then clicking the ‘Invite’ button on the window.
6. Change the audience. You may make your post public or share with selected people/circles.

As you get used to posting new content and media, you can change the page design and other available options. As you saw, creating a page and sharing posts is really quick with Google Plus. Get started!!

Visit http://onlinemarketingforschools.com for more tutorials and online marketing tips! To learn more about Google products and how other schools are effectively marketing their Google+ page, check out the Google for Schools webinar.

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