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eric I just watched an inspiring hour long webinar by Eric Sheninger all about how he’s embraced digital technology as Principal of New Milford High School in New Jersey. I was very impressed. Eric openly admits to being a Principal who not very long ago banned mobile devices and social platforms in his school, but has since embraced the digital revolution and is making excellent headway with his students, parents, and community. This is a great insight into how digital technology is effecting schools, and I think it’s fantastic coming directly from a Principal. This is an area that will greatly change the role and responsibility of school Principals in the coming years, and I think he makes a great point about a lot of Principals being afraid of something new and the natural response being to ban it, shut it down, and restrict usage of it… but those that embrace the change and use it to their advantage are the ones that will stay ahead of the curve (and still be employable in 5 years). Eric has published a book all about Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

// ]]> Make sure you check out his webinar on the Principals Australia Institute website. It’s quite engaging, and gives you an excellent insight into Eric’s enthusiasm for digital technology and some of his methodologies. principals-workshop-technology-large

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