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Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting – “Your Competition Doesn’t Know About This Yet”

As our digital world gets more complex, the ability to precisely target our desired audience is becoming more and more critical. We already have some great targeting options available with digital advertising, but wouldn’t it be great to say to Facebook… “Can you just work out which types of people are more likely to enrol their children at our […]

Get Better Response Rates From Your Online Advertising

Today’s quick tip is on how to achieve greater response to your online ads. I see schools fall into this trap all too often. They like to emphasise the features and qualities of the school in their advertising, which looks very professional on billboards, but when it comes to online advertising you can afford to […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy For Schools

Further to my previous post on how to create your marketing message… here I want to expand on that idea and give you the tools to effectively turn your multiple marketing messages into distributed content that drives prospects back to your website. At a recent schools conference I attended, there was a speaker from a U.S university talking about […]

Enrolment Boosting Test Results #2

I finally did it! It’s been a long time coming but last month I ran a test for one of my Platinum Package clients that I have been wanting to run for a long time. This was one of those things that I have been hesitant to do as it’s quite bold, against the norm, […]

Enrolment Boosting Test Results #1

In my quest to achieve higher online enrolment enquiries for schools, I’m constantly testing a number of variables for optimum conversion rate. Here’s the results of our latest test: That’s quite a jump from 9.52% to 20.59%. That gets me excited. 116.18% improvement is fantastic. There’s no external promotion or campaign that would otherwise have boosted these results […]

How To Engage Alumni – Case Study

Here is a case study example from a recent campaign aimed at bringing alumni back into the school community portal where they can update their details and connect with other alumni. This campaign used EDUconnected for the school alumni portal as it includes functionality for email marketing, landing pages, lead tracking, profile updating, and internal user connections. […]

How to Upload Photos From Dropbox To Instagram

As you may have realised… Instagram is a predominantly mobile based platform. You can only upload photos to Instagram using your mobile device. This can be a roadblock for schools or any organisation that has multiple people taking photos and managing the one Instagram account. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you […]