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Quickly Find Out Who’s Talking About Your School Online

Did you know you can easily find out who’s talking about your school and your competitors online? Now possible through the ‘Research’ on your Social Dashboard This is great for Business Managers and Marketing Directors who wish to monitor which stories are being spread online about their school and any other school or schools you would like to keep tabs […]

The 3 Keys To A Successful School Marketing Campaign

Having worked with schools and universities for some time, there has been a consistent basis of techniques that I use over and over again that works far better than any other method. The problem for marketing managers is that implementing these techniques on their own can be quite technically daunting.  (I’ll tell you how to overcome that below) […]

Which ad sizes work best for online ads?

Most people are familiar with the Google text Ads that show at the top and right hand side of the search results but what you may not be aware of is that Google also runs what they call a “Display Network”. These are the image ads you see on various websites while browsing the internet. There is huge […]

Online Marketing For Schools Mobile App Now Available

Brand New — Online Marketing For Schools Mobile App. You can now get the latest updates on how to effectively use digital marketing in your school communications sent directly to your mobile phone or tablet device. Available on IOS and Android. IOS — Download Here Android — Download Here If you’re looking for practical advice […]

Clever Social Media By University Of Oxford

In this post you’ll discover a clever idea you can use to integrate video into a promotion of your school or college. We are coming into an age of short video compilations. You’ll notice sites like Vine.co or Instagram focus on short videos less than 15 seconds. What the University of Oxford have done is […]

Social Media Content Idea For Schools

Here is an example idea to encourage commenting and interaction on your social media channels. This particular post is from Harvard University. The Harvard University Facebook page does have over 4.2 million likes so they are naturally going to be popular, but this particular piece of content has a little more engagement than others on their page. Here’s […]

The Critical Website Stat Most Schools Don’t Know About

I find most schools have a very limited idea about what happens on their website. I’m always impressed when a marketing director can tell me their monthly site metrics, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen often. Besides knowing how many visitors you receive each month, it’s important to know where those visitors are coming from, how many […]

The Ultimate Enrolment Booster Execution Plan

What does the ultimate enrolment booster system look like? I think I have it figured out. As always, it’s a work in progress. There is always room for improvement but what we have so far is surprisingly good. The ultimate system combines a mix of online and offline strategies. As schools already have the offline […]

Conversion Boosting Test Results #5

Here is another “split test” that resulted in much higher conversions on school web pages. This post expands on my previous articles which identify subtle things you can change on your web pages to dramatically boost conversion results. If you’re not familiar with the term “split test”, it simply involves testing two different web pages against your website […]

The 2 Step Process To Double Your Inbound Leads

Let’s face it. Schools need leads (prospects). It’s no longer a case of simply opening your doors to fill classrooms with paying students. You need to be actively marketing for enrolments and anything you can do to help build your prospect list is a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times I see […]