How The Big Schools Use Social Media

Social media has undergone a revolution over the years. Many people believed that it was meant to pass time or keep one occupied. This is not the case any more in this generation where everything is becoming very dynamic. Today, social media is not just a requirement for effective running of programs. It is a necessity. Initially, companies and other profit-making organisations were the ones that really exploited it. Now, institutions like schools have realised the role that it is playing in regard to many things. They have now embraced and made it part of their culture. The following are ways in which big schools are using social media to their benefit.

Research Tool

According to surveys carried out in the past, many schools obtain a lot of useful information from the internet. Teachers use the information to prepare their notes and teaching aids. They also gain access to examination materials that they use to assess students. The students alike use it to do their assignments and projects.

A Meeting Place for Alumni

Many big schools attach a lot of importance to their alumni. They therefore come up with websites where these alumni can be identified. In most cases, the alumni are influential and respectful members of the society. This is one of the ways that a school markets itself as many people want to learn in a school that has a good reputation. The students of that particular school feel motivated as they have mentors to look up to. Students also seek career advice on these sites. They get to know the paths to follow to realise their dreams. The students also get to have a say in matters that affect them like politics, religion, and contemporary and ethical issues in their society.

Platform for Advertisement

This is the most appropriate medium for big schools to make themselves known to their target group. To do this, they list their achievements and what they have that you cannot find anywhere else. Bright and needy students also get scholarships from education support organisations through social media.

Posting of Information Related to the School

Here, you will find the history of the school, their location, their programs, and other relevant information. They also invite a variety of applications through social media. These applications include invitation of tender and advertisement of vacancies, among others.

An example of a school that uses social media sites is the University of Sydney Business School. The sites used are the Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. They have thousands of likes, especially on their Facebook page. Their posts include advertisement of their intake plus the programs that they offer and advertisement of vacancies. They post updates twice or three times a week.


The importance of social media in learning institutions cannot be under estimated. It plays a critical role in the shaping and running of these places, thus creating a learner-friendly environment for students. The management of big schools is also aided by the efficiency of social media. A school that wishes to grow has to embrace this new approach to learning to make significant steps.