Leveraging The New Facebook Timeline Format

While the subject of “Fan Gating” is probably something you have never heard of, it’s actually something that a lot of business users on Facebook have been using for quite a while. Now with the new timeline format, “fan gating” has taken a bit of a back seat but still holds as quite an effective strategy to build your Facebook fan base and offer an incentive for users to click that “Like” button.

In this video I show you exactly what fan-gating is and how I have set this up previously for a school. I also show you how to take advantage of this strategy with the new enforced timeline pages for Facebook.

The key difference being that you now need to link directly to the application that you are using for “fan gating” instead of just your unique url. Facebook no longer offers the option to specify a custom page as the default landing page.

Facebook Marketing Basics

Facebook is usually the first port of call when setting up your social media strategy. In this video I give you some ideas on how to setup your Facebook fan page and also how to go about what is called “fan gating”.

Fan gating is a strategy where you show one image to people that haven’t yet “liked” your page, and then once they click that Like button, they see a different image. This is a great way to build up the number of people that Like your page very quickly.

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How To Get Better Response From Your Advertising

One thing I notice a lot of schools doing in their flyers, billboard ads, and promotional campaigns is emphasising the motto, features, or tagline of the school. While this is somewhat effective, a better way to engage your audience and get a greater response is to talk about the prospect you are targeting, rather than the school.

People in general are focused first and foremost on themselves. It’s just human nature. With most forms of advertising you have a small window of opportunity to grab someone’s attention. The greatest use of that window is to directly target their emotional triggers.

All you are looking to do with advertising is show people statements or keywords they already internally believe. When they see those keywords, they will be intrigued and you have them hooked.

Think about that next time you are putting together an advertisement or marketing campaign and measure the results against your previous campaigns. I think you will be quite shocked at the increase in results.

Talk soon,
Mike Leembruggen

Why Would A School Bother Fundraising?

A little controversial… I agree. In this podcast episode I ask the question “Why would a school bother fundraising?”.

I could have asked this question privately to a number of people but I thought why not post this in the public domain to spark some interesting conversation and feedback.

Last week, I attended an ADAPE event where Dr Alan Kerbey from Monkton Combe School, Bath, UK talked about how he has successfully raised millions of dollars for a number of projects at the school. A very interesting presentation and well spoken by Dr Kerbey.

The general consensus from the schools that attended indicated that it had previously been difficult to raise even 500k through annual giving campaigns. This made we wonder why a school would bother spending time and effort fundraising when their annual net income is between 10 to 30 million. There’s obviously something I’m missing so in this podcast episode I invite you to add your opinion and feedback on this topic.

Why would a school bother fundraising?