The 3 Keys To A Successful School Marketing Campaign

Having worked with schools and universities for some time, there has been a consistent basis of techniques that I use over and over again that works far better than any other method.

The problem for marketing managers is that implementing these techniques on their own can be quite technically daunting.  (I’ll tell you how to overcome that below)

As you know, the online world of digital technology is constantly changing. Keeping up with the changes can be difficult at best.  Most schools struggle to implement effective online marketing techniques simply because they “don’t know what they don’t know”.

What I’m going to give you now is the basis for almost every marketing campaign I have setup for schools and universities. It’s the secret to effectively targeting, capturing, and engaging with online prospects.

it’s not complicated. You may have heard of these things before, but implementing them correctly can make a massive difference to your ROI.

Key #1 – Target the Right Audience

I’m referring to online advertising here. If you don’t have traffic, you have nothing. It doesn’t matter how good your message or website is if no one is there to see it. This is the starting point, and there is an abundance of instant traffic available to purchase from Google and Facebook.

Targeting the right audience is crucial. You can waste a lot of good advertising dollars if you aren’t spending your budget attracting the right people. This can also be technically challenging as you really need to know how to use the advertising tools these large networks provide to derive the maximum benefit.

Key #2 – Capture your audience with an effective message

I’m referring to a “landing page”. This is different to your main website. The purpose of a landing page is to get the user to take your desired “call-to-action”. Typically that call-to-action is asking the visitor to enter their details into a web form.

The problem with your main website is that it has a lot of information on it, and while you may be thinking that is a good thing, it is likely reducing your conversion rate on your web forms. The header menu, the sidebar menu, the scrolling images and text all distract your visitor. You will get a much higher conversion rate from a separate page with a clear message and a distinct call-to-action. (I’ll show you an example landing page below)

Key #3 – Engage your prospect over time and build trust

I’m referring to using an email autoresponder. Once you have captured your prospects details, you now have the ability and privilege to communicate with them over time and build trust.

An autoresponder email sequence can be used to move your prospects through your online sequence, or give them compelling reasons to enrol their child at your school, or remind them about your upcoming open day etc.

it’s a common fact that users get diverted, distracted, and forget what they signed up for, so engaging your prospects and keeping in their mind through email marketing will help improve the overall ROI of your campaign.

“Putting It All Together”

There are a number of third party services you can use to create landing pages and deliver autoresponder messages, however you will need to be quite technical to set this all up and integrate your landing page web form with your autoresponder service.

Setting up your online advertising campaign is another story. You will need to get familiar with tracking pixels, interest and demographic targeting, split testing etc.

“There Is An Easier Way”

Implementing these 3 keys is of great benefit to schools but also very time consuming and technically challenging. The solution was to recognise the common scenarios schools would need to implement this system and create a template that was easy to duplicate and modify.

“School Marketing Execution Plans”

This is a combination of a pre-built landing page and autoresponder sequence combined with a tailored advertising campaign. We will handle the advertising, you get 4000 visitors and a pre-built landing page and autoresponder sequence designed for maximum conversion.

Take a look at these demo landing pages:

If you would like to talk about implementing the 3 keys for your school and taking advantage of our School Marketing Execution Plans then please email or visit to find out more information.

Talk soon,

Mike Leembruggen


Get Better Response Rates From Your Online Advertising

Today’s quick tip is on how to achieve greater response to your online ads.

I see schools fall into this trap all too often. They like to emphasise the features and qualities of the school in their advertising, which looks very professional on billboards, but when it comes to online advertising you can afford to be a little more creative.

People by nature love talking and hearing about themselves, so if you can tailor your ad to focus on your prospects thoughts or feelings, you will have a much better chance of capturing their attention.

When creating your ad, put yourself in your prospects shoes. Think to yourself… what are their biggest fears or concerns when choosing a school for their child?

Identify those concerns and create multiple ad variations. Then simply run a test to see which ad receives more clicks. Once you have an identifiable winner, tailor your landing page to be congruent with your ad text and scale up your campaign.

One little extra tip for when you are writing your ad copy.

Don’t try and target every concern in one ad. The purpose of your ad is to get a user to take action and click through to your landing page. You aren’t trying to convince them how fantastic your school is, and how much their child will learn, and how great it would be if they filled out an application form right now… all from your three lines of ad text.

Keep each ad focused with a strong call to action. Don’t be subtle about what you want your prospect to do next. Discover the pain points of your prospects and you will enhance your marketing effectiveness.

Facebook Advertising For Schools

Facebook Advertising Insights For Schools

Here’s a quick look at some stats from a recent Facebook advertising campaign I ran targeting parents. I realise most people won’t be familiar with these numbers so I will give you a run-down of the basics so you know what you are looking at.

Below is two separate screenshots I compiled into one image. The top section is from the admin area of EDUconnected and shows the different landing pages I am running. The bottom section is a screenshot of my Facebook campaign.


In the bottom section you can see the cost per ‘website click’ or ‘post engagement’ and also the CTR (Click-Through Rate). I’ll focus on these two numbers for now. To give you an idea, if you are getting a cost per action of less than 70 cents on Facebook, you are doing well. If you are getting a CTR of more than 1% on Facebook, that is also quite good.

So, now you know those general indicators, you can see this campaign is doing really well. If you are just getting started with Facebook advertising, don’t expect those kinds of numbers. To be getting a ‘post engagement’ CTR of over 20% and cost of 5 cents per action, is ridiculously good.

I wanted to create this post to show how effective Facebook advertising can be for schools because I know a lot of marketing directors, and principals especially are very skeptical as it’s a new/unknown area.

Looking at the top section of the image, you can see I’m getting a conversion rate of 5% on one page and 10% on another. These are totally different pages and it goes to show that creating the right landing page can make a massive difference to your campaign effectiveness.

To give you an idea of typical conversion rates, if you are getting a conversion rate of over 1% on your landing page, you are doing well. This will vary quite a lot depending on what your call-to-action is. If your asking someone to purchase something, that is obviously a bigger ask than giving them something for free in exchange for their email address. Keep that in mind as it’s quite possible to get conversion rates of 30% up to 70% depending on your offer and how targeted your traffic source is.

These landing pages were setup through EDUconnected which gives you the option to split test different elements of the page to increase your conversion rate. Very cool feature! These campaigns were relatively new so there is no split test data there yet.

Now you know just a little bit more about how online advertising works, so in your next conversation you’ll be able to impress people with fancy terms like CTR and Conversion Rate. 😉

school marketing campaign 3320% ROI

3320% ROI on school marketing campaign

Here’s the breakdown of a successful online marketing campaign that boosted enrolment applications and had a great return on investment for the school. In this video, I walk you through the numbers and how the campaign worked.

recently I sent out an email about this case study and received quite a lot of interest so I decided to make a quick video going over the campaign and it’s various components.

If you are interested in running a campaign like this for your school, then check out the Platinum Package For Schools