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Leveraging The New Facebook Timeline Format

While the subject of “Fan Gating” is probably something you have never heard of, it’s actually something that a lot of business users on Facebook have been using for quite a while. Now with the new timeline format, “fan gating” has taken a bit of a back seat but still holds as quite an effective strategy to build your Facebook fan base and offer an incentive for users to click that “Like” button.

In this video I show you exactly what fan-gating is and how I have set this up previously for a school. I also show you how to take advantage of this strategy with the new enforced timeline pages for Facebook.

The key difference being that you now need to link directly to the application that you are using for “fan gating” instead of just your unique url. Facebook no longer offers the option to specify a custom page as the default landing page.

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Mike Leembruggen

Mike Leembruggen specialises in digital marketing and software development. Currently working with a number of schools and universities. If you are interested in working with Mike then please email mike@onlinemarketingforschools.com
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