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Don’t Make This Mistake When Setting Up Your Google Account

Here’s a quick tip for you when setting up your Google accounts. If you don’t set up your accounts this way, it could cause you headaches down the track.

Google have quite a number of products available and with the purchase of Youtube you may already have an account that will need to be merged into one central account before you sign up to their new products such as Google+.

Before you create a new Google+ account, check out your current Google Places listing. You will want to upgrade that account to what they call “Google+ Local” instead of creating a brand new Google+ profile.

Their options are a little strange at the moment, while they are rolling out new features and madly trying to integrate existing services under one umbrella. There is an option in Google+ that seems more relevant for schools but if you don’t want to manage two different Google+ profiles you are better off going with the local business listing you already have and upgrading that to Google+ Local.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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